Tree Cookies with natural bark

Assorted Tree Cookies

Available Sizes: 12 to 24″

  • Live edge pieces with the end grain out
  • Variety of species available
Live Edge Cherry Slab for sale in Iowa

Cherry Slab

Available Sizes: Live Edge 3 x 3

  • Slight tight grain pattern that is similar to Hard Maple
  • Strong as Hard Maple, however, it is two-thirds as hard and may dent
  • Its innate beauty comes from its rich dark tones found in the heartwood
  • Sapwood has a pale yellowish color (wood color deepens to a deep reddish brown when exposed to the sun and will naturally dark over time)
Live Edge Sycamore Slab for sale in Iowa

Sycamore Slab

Available Sizes: Live Edge

  • Soft, reddish colored wood
  • Large, white heartwood

It gets a disease called “Shake” that causes the heartwood to separate which makes it unstable, while quarter-sawn becomes much more stable and almost iridescent look.

Live Edge Elm Slab for sale in Iowa

Elm Slab

Available Sizes: Live Edge

  • Coarse, textured wood
  • Strong, tougher that European Elms
  • Good for Steam Bending
  • Grain is usually straight, but can be interlocking
  • Heartwood is a pale, reddish-brown color

Common uses are furniture, cabinetry, cooperage, joinery and veneer.

Live Edge White Oak Slab for sale in Iowa

White Oak Slab

Availabe Sizes: Live Edge

  • As durable and a bit stronger than Red Oak
  • Carries green tones
  • Subtle straight grain
  • Sapwood is white to a very light brown
  • Heartwood is light to dark brown
  • Course texture, heavy, hard, tough, very stiff and strong
  • Great for outdoor projects
Live Edge Walnut Slab for sale in Iowa

Walnut Slab

Available Sizes: Live Edge

  • Warm, chocolate wood with wavy, bold grain patterns and color variations of browns and deep reds
  • Highly prized for its dark-colored heartwood
  • Hard, dense, tight-grained
  • Polishes to a very smooth finish
  • Its deep rich color will not change significantly when stain is applied (instead staining will deepen the richness and natural characteristics of the wood)
  • Fantastic for furniture and cabinets